Molly 101

Molly is a digital designer, video editor, bacon-enthusiast, adventure-seeker, and dog-lover all in one.

She is currently based in Manila, Philippines where most of her work focuses on web design, graphic design, video editing, motion graphics, and sometimes print.

She has worked with clients from LA and Manila who range from real estate entrepreneurs to one of the largest shopping mall retailers in the Philippines.

Molly has graduated with honors from FIDM in LA with an Associate of Arts degree in Digital Media and a Bachelor of Science in Business Management.

Molly is a kid at heart which is most likely where a lot of her creativity, imagination, and curiosity stem from.

On the rare occasion that she is not glued to her laptop or her phone, you can find her laying out on the beach, scanning the menu for bacon, petting a stranger's dog, or out on a hike.

Oh, and she also does not normally refer to herself in the third person.